Monday, June 29, 2009

Soda Kit Kat

It's summer time in Japan and that means hot weather, high humidity, and summer flavored Kit Kats like the Soda Kit Kat. I found some individual minis at 7-11 and was so excited to see them that I made friends Nathan and Kaoru try them right there in the store (after I paid for them.) Actually, I tried and failed to get Kaoru to eat it because she didn't savor the idea of A) snacking in the middle of a crowded conbini and B) snacking standing up. She did say she would try it later though. She reads this blog, so hi Kaoru! I hope you liked the Soda Kit Kat!

I know I liked the Soda Kit Kat. For one thing, it's blue. And how can you not like a blue-colored candy bar? Can you even name another blue-colored candy bar? I can't. Because it's blue that means it's another white chocolate bar but that hardly mattered with this Kit Kat. It had such an odd combination of flavors (fruity, sweet, and a little sour) that I hardly noticed that it was white chocolate and not milk like I prefer.

But first, I wondered just what kind of soda flavor this was supposed to be. There are many different kinds out there. Once you open the package though it's pretty clear from the smell that it was Creme Soda they were aiming for when they meant soda. They got the aroma of Creme Soda right with no problems. The taste they had a little more trouble on. It tasted nothing like Creme Soda and everything like Fruity Pebbles cereal but with less crunch. Very different but a good kind of different. But I'll admit that it being blue really wins the most points with me. What can I say? I like blue.

Now I'm on the lookout for the Sports Drink Kit Kat. Can't wait to try it! I wonder what color it will be...


  1. I thought that this was strongly reminiscent of bubble gum. :-)

  2. Once Nathan mentioned Fruity Pebbles that was all I could taste. :-)

    Did you like it?

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog after stumbling across the Good Beer and Country Boys blog. It's a "lemonade taste" KitKat and I thought that it smelled like bubble gum too!

  4. Sorry, I take back my comment! That was my husband's reading of it when we tried them, and based on the comments on our friend's blog ( it's not lemonade.

  5. Hi LJ! I actually have another post to write on this Kit Kat because I found out later that the ramune flavor is a specific kind of soda sold in the summer. I didn't know that when I wrote this.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. I finally put that together after re-reading both your post and the comments on my friend's blog - now I need to go try the soda!