Saturday, October 9, 2010

Annin Dofu Kit Kat - Yokohama Limited Edition

I'm baaaaack! I missed snacking on strange Kit Kats but thanks to napajapan I can order them online. My first purchase from this side of the world was a few new regional limited editions.

To start with we have a new flavor from Yokohama, highlighting its famous and very large Chinatown. First off let me say that I already miss the Chinese food in Japan. I don't know if it's the closer proximity to China or that Japanese people are more willing to eat more authentic Chinese food but it just doesn't compare to what we can get here in the States. I know I've never seen annin dofu on a menu here but maybe that's because I live in Ohio and most people turn up their noses when I tell them what I've eaten in Asia. The idea of tofu for dessert (or tofu at all for that matter) just doesn't sit well here. Which is too bad because it's delicious. I love me some sweet tofu!

Sweet Tofu Kit Kat

So I was excited to try the Annin Dofu Kit Kat. Each mini has 69 calories and is covered in white chocolate. Straight out of the package they smell just like the Chinese dessert. I took one bite and I declared this one a winner. It tastes just like annin dofu. It is sweet but not overwhelmingly so. It has a nice spicy note to it and bear with me because I suck at identifying spices but I'm going to go with nutmeg.

So there you go. Review over. Mission accomplished. If you like annin dofu then you'll like this Kit Kat. If you haven't tried annin dofu before then try it and then try this Kit Kat. I only wish I could have afforded to buy more of these.

Final Score: 9


  1. I'm glad you're back! And I agree, it's so hard to find good Chinese food in Ohio. But it's nice to see that Nestle got a white chocolate "weird" KitKat right for once!

  2. It is nice finally to have a really good white chocolate Kit Kat. They just don't do those well too often in my opinion.

    Are you in/near Ohio?

  3. I just had these on Friday. Definitely do a great job of recreating the flavor! I think it's my favorite "white" KitKat since chestnut.

  4. Jen is back! Life is good again ... : )

  5. This one is a recreation, I tried it a couple of years ago as a full size kit kat and it was yum. :)

  6. okay, I've GOT to know... do you know where to find these flavors online? My husband has flipped for the maple ones, brought back to the US from a friend traveling thru Japan. Help? (you can email me at:

  7. TastyJapan-I wish this one would have been bigger. Maybe someday they will re-release it. Limited Editions are too expensive and too hard to find.

    Michelle - check out my post that answers that question.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  8. I wish they sold these in the larger quantity bags, instead of the 1 mini bar deal on napaJapan. THESE WERE DELICIOUS. I couldn't resist ordering a few more.