Saturday, December 4, 2010

Petit Cheese Kit Kat

I was not looking forward to the Cheese Kit Kat. Last year while in Tokyo my friend Kristin and I went to the Meiji 100% Chocolate Cafe where we tried an atrocity against chocolate - the cheese chocolate. But I have committed to try every crazy flavor of Kit Kat there is and if I can survive the Rose Kit Kat and the Corn Kit Kat then I could suck it up and try this one.

Cheese Kit Kat

So I did. And it tasted just as bad as I remember the Meiji version but with wafers. The only upside to this Kit Kat was that it was smaller so there was less to force down my throat. They came in a box with five small one finger Kit Kats, each with only 25 calories. The Cheese Kit Kat is made with white chocolate which I think is too sweet for this combo but I'm not sure milk or dark chocolate would necessarily improve upon it. You would need to change the cheese used which as far as I can pinpoint is a white cheddar. A cream cheese would make more sense to me. Chocolate cheesecake is evidence that the cheese/chocolate combo can be delicious.

I knew it wasn't cream cheese from the picture on the box. The smell of cheese coming off the small bar didn't smell like anything from Philadelphia either. The first thing I noticed was the sweet taste of white chocolate but then the cheese hits you. They didn't mix well and I ended up with the lingering aftertaste of cheese. I had to drink some ginger ale to get rid of the taste.

Cheese Kit Kat

If you have tried other cheese/chocolate combos and liked them then you might try this one. Otherwise, this is not a Kit Kat flavor I can endorse. I want to like the idea of cheese chocolate and I still have hope that someone has done it well (let me know if you've had a good cheese chocolate) but Nestle failed just as badly as Meiji.

Final Score: 3


  1. I ordered a massive array of Kit Kats from as you suggested. A group of us got about 40 flavors, many are not available at this time of year. One of the them was cheese.

    The cheese was, by far, the worst smelling of all of the ones we went through. However, it didn't taste nearly as bad as you suggested... to me. I barely got a cheese flavor. While it was far from good - a 3 is probably a fair rating - the roasted tea and the green tea were much more disgusting and tasted and smelled like fish food.

  2. I salute you for being able to actually eat it... I'd be too chicken to try these strange flavours xD

  3. Ha! That is amazing.

  4. I just tried these a few days ago. I didn't hate them, but I didn't really like them either. Though they weren't as bad as the time I tried chocolate cheese. Chocolate flavored cheese is by far worse than cheese flavored chocolate. Though I never expect that combination to be good, but I just can't pass up the weirdness. :P

  5. Adam S - 40 different flavors? Happy Eating!

    Shen - It's not too bad at least not when you think of some of the other flavors I've tried.

    Foodjunk - Amazingly bad.

    Jenna - I don't think I've ever seen chocolate flavored cheese before. I'm afraid now I won't be able to resist trying it if I ever do come across it. I'm a glutton for bad food.

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!

  6. Your face as you ate this one was fun and didn't convince me to try it. :) I'm glad I got to be there for this one.

  7. I just returned from Japan with some of these.

    My thought is: smells like feet, tastes like buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies.

    Type of cheese might be "petit cheese" as it says on the box. Not sure if that's a smelly cheese.

    Agree...cheese flavored chocolate = bad idea.

    Yet oddly, cheese (as an item) and chocolate (as a separate item) eaten together = good idea.

  8. I particularly liked this one. It's definitely cheddar cheese. The salty and sweet worked for me. I do agree, it did smell a bit like feet upon opening the package. But then, many good cheeses do. There is a cheese store near us that could knock you over when you walk in the front door, it smells so pungent.

    I've always been impressed with the level of olfactory experience the Japanese Kit Kats provide, but this one was a little stronger than I cared for. Flavor-wise, I liked it though.

  9. I actually liked this one too. The smell I definitely noticed coming off it, but the contrast between the slightly salty covering and sweet interior worked great for me.

  10. I thought they tasted like Cheetos dipped in white chocolate. Not drastically different than pretzels dipped in yogurt. I kind of liked it. I didn't eat them all in one sitting, though.