Monday, July 27, 2009

Interesting Kit Kat promotion

You can get a Kit Kat in can in vending machines in Tokyo but for one day in Victoria Station in London commuters could buy a Kit Kat from a very special vending machine.

This is part of the "Feel like a machine..." ad campaign in the UK. My job as an ALT can be boring but I'm awfully glad I don't have this job. ;-)


  1. I am so jealous!!! I have been lusting after foreign kitkats for years now, luckily i can now follow you in the questto sample them all!
    Have you ever tried any of our British kitkats- admittedly we don't have many exciting flavours but we do have yummy ones like mint, cappachino, orange, dark, white etc as well as kitkat senses that are just amazing!
    Oh and i've just rambled on about kitkats-eek!
    Anyway, hope you enjoy your summer back home,

  2. HAHAHAHA- That's just freaking AWESOME. I wouldn't want that job but I would LOVE to see one in person.

  3. We have the Kit Kat Human Machine here too but it did not kick off too well. Think they are not too keen of kit kats here. By the way Ellie, there's a tiramisu Kit Kat in UK that is quite delicious. That has been my favourite so far. It is bigger than the normal fingers but smaller than the chunky. I've only tried it once and never found it again. Janet of Malaysia