Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rose Kit Kat Revisited

I stated quite vehemently in my review of the Rose Kit Kat that roses should NOT be eaten...ever. And I'll admit I was a little confused on who exactly thought it would be a good idea to make a rose flavored Kit Kat. Apparently it's the same people who buy this.

Those are roses. And no they aren't in the flower section of the supermarket but the salad section right next to the mixed greens. Maybe if I was braver I would try them on my next salad, but I maintain that roses are for looking at and not for eating. The Rose Kit Kat which tasted like soap is a testament to that. But maybe, and this is a very big maybe, they taste better on salad. Tell me, Japanese friends, do you eat roses? Oishii?


  1. I'm not Japanese, but I do like rose...to a point. It's so easy to overdo, and if there's more than just a touch, as you noticed, it can taste like soap.

    I never got to try the rose KitKat, though!

  2. The Good Beers and Country Boys just recommended this blog on this website. I love your blog. I try some of the strange kit-kats too and I really liked the Lemon Vinegar as well. Cool stuff. Keep it up.

  3. Hi ebidebby! Thanks for the insight. I think I will try rose if anyone offers it to me but at this point I don't think I'll be buying any for my salad. If you do try the rose please let me know what you think. I'd love to find someone who likes them.

    Hi Tim! Thanks for clicking. I love those Country Boys.

  4. Have you come across a lavender Kit-Kat yet? A British friend send me some lavendar chocolate from England and I gagged. They also keep lavendar chewing gum at the local Mexican restaurant; no one ever gets it.

    When I first saw that you had a blog, I thought, wow, what a great challenge. I thought to myself all the crazy flavors of chocolate I've seen in my lifetime. And then I started reading your blog. The rose wasn't too much of a shock, but then came the lemon, and the peach, and the jasmine tea... Holy crap I think I want to go to Japan now.

    If I were still in India, I'd mail you their version of the Kit-Kat. It's like an enlargened single Kit-Kat called "Munch." They sell real Kit-Kats too, but those are 20 rupees and Munch bars are 5. They're lower-quality, more "air" you could say, but they grew on me. Have you found any imposter Kit-Kats to also include on your blog?

  5. Thanks for commenting! I haven't seen any imitations, but they do have lots of crazy flavors here. No lavender...yet. :) At the moment I'm on the lookout for Sports Drink Kit Kat.

  6. You're braver than I; after the rose kit-kat I'm not sure I would be willing to try actual roses.
    Your blog seems very popular! :)

  7. I LOVED the rose kit kat, it was yum, and very special. I grew up as a kid eating rosehips, they're really good for you, so i guess rose petals are not that far removed for me. I guess the thing about the rose kit kat was that when you ate it you smelled the rose essence in your nose, so it was more of a scent experience than a taste one.

  8. Oh you are so lucky, roses are one of my favorite food additives and I would give anything to have them sold fresh in the grocery store as fresh "greens".

    So lucky!!

  9. Rose as a food flavoring goes waaaay back... Traditional Turkish Delight is flavored with rose... I find floral flavors to be delicious. Gosh, I would love to try rose or lavender kit kat bars!

    Hook a brother up?