Monday, November 2, 2009

Kit Kats in the news

This piece in the news explains why there are so many different kinds of Kit Kats in Japan.

What it doesn't explain is why my 7-11 hasn't stocked the Ginger Ale Kit Kat yet. It looks like once again I will have to spread my net wider in an effort to get my hands on one.

Check it out!


  1. ooo- ginger ale sounds good.

  2. hi! Just found Ginger Ale Kit Kats at Family Mart next door to Okubo Station in Shinjuku. Haven't tried them yet but looking forward to it! THx for your blog love it :-)

  3. Erin - review posted although I don't think these will remind you of Ale 8.

    Frank - Thanks for reading and commenting! Did you like the Ginger Ale Kit Kat? I wasn't a huge fan myself.

  4. Not only are specific flavors only available in limited cities in Japan, it looks like not all flavors are available at any given store chain. I was able to hit about 4 convenience stores near my apartment (7-11, Family Mart, am-pm, etc.) and none of them had the flavors the others had. At some point, I'm going to have to upload my comments about what I found to my blog, but that may not be for another week yet (I'm primarily running an anime-related blog, and I've got a backlog of 5 galleries and sightseeing spots I want to publish first).

  5. That is definitely true. I was in Nagoya yesterday and went in two different conbinis and both had different offerings. Living in a small town I really have to look around, especially when I travel to larger cities, in order to find all the ones that are available at a certain time. But that's part of the fun, is trying to track them all down. It would be too easy if the 7-11 across the street sold them all. :-)