Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whole Wheat Kit Kat

Whole wheat isn't that popular here. If you want three pieces of suspiciously light colored "wheat" bread at the supermarket be prepared to pay twice as much than you would pay for six pieces of bread whiter than Wonder Bread. Darker breads are on the top of "Foods I miss from home" list. So I was surprised to find a Whole Wheat Kit Kat in Japan.

The Whole Wheat Kit Kat is a Kit Kat Bar, so instead of two smaller fingers you get one large candy bar. I'm not a huge fan but chocolate is chocolate, right? This one happens to be milk chocolate and is a regular Kit Kat in everything except that the wafers are made with whole wheat. To be honest though there is little difference between a wafer made with whole wheat flour and one that isn't. It's not quite as sweet and there is a slightly different taste to the wafers (slightly more wheaty...wheatish?) but it's minimal. I might not have noticed if it wasn't this Kit Kat's selling point.

Still, because it was so close to the original, it makes for an excellent snack. And you might even be able to fool yourself into thinking it's healthier since it's made with whole wheat. That's what I told myself as I ate the entire thing in one sitting.

Final Score: 9


  1. I eyeballed this baby many times, but the size and the fact that I suspected what you said in your review put me off. I was also afraid I'd somehow see it as "healthier" because of the whole wheat and try to "justify" gobbling it all down. I was sure it'd be good. ;-)

  2. I ate two entire things in one sitting.

    Feel free to judge.

  3. Sounds Yummy, I could eat what bread all day and often do a lot of my baking with whole wheat flour.

  4. I'm not sure that my local AM/PM quite lives up to its "Tokyo - center of the world" credentials! After all, with the Emperor just down the road, this place should be fully stocked with all available varieties of KitKat. As it is, they still seem to be revelling in the novelty of "Royal Milk Tea"! Still, will keep eyes peeled for anything exciting ...

  5. Orchid64 - That's understandable. It was big. I didn't look at the calorie count, whether that was a unconscious decision because I didn't want to know is a mystery. ;-)

    Gregory - As many Kit Kats as I eat around here there is no room to judge. Snack away!

    Erin - does it affect the taste?

    Christina - Finding new Kit Kats is on my agenda when I come up this weekend. Each store carries different ones and never all at the same time so it makes it a bit of a treasure hunt.

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!