Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sparkling Strawberry Kit Kat

It's strawberry season in Japan. Well, technically it will be strawberry season in January but Nestle thinks that December is close enough so we have not one but TWO strawberry flavors out right now. I'll be reviewing the other one later. Today it's the Sparkling Strawberry Kit Kat.

I'm not sure what is supposed to sparkling about these strawberries. The front of the box suggests something carbonated - I guessed champagne. And it did have some fizzy powder in the creme, similar to the Ramune Kit Kat, but it didn't really sparkle in the way I had hoped. No edible glitter or champagne flavored creme.

The Sparkling Strawberry Kit Kat is 99 calories a bar and comes in a box of two. It was white chocolate and pink colored. It definitely smelled like strawberries but it was the fake kind. The taste was also of the fake strawberry variety. The chocolate was a very tart strawberry flavor. It reminded me more of the strawberries I eat back home in America, that need a little sugar sprinkled on them, rather than the really sweet strawberries I get here in Japan. I prefer the sweeter variety so this extra sourness was not something I really enjoyed. The addition of the fizzy powder didn't do much in the way of making it fizzy but may have contributed to the sourness because I remember liking the Strawberry Kit Kat I tried back in May.

Overall, I give this one a lower score. It was too sour and there are several other strawberry Kit Kats out there that I like better. Now maybe if it had really sparkled...

Final Score: 4


  1. So glad to see other people who are on the same mission as me. My friends think I'm crazy but that is because I'm from Malaysia. Kit Kat is of super limited flavours in Malaysia. I'm out at all places looking for variety. I've just updated my record and I've tasted over 60 flavours from all over the world. Of course Japan would be heaven for Kit Kat flavours. Just got my latest supplies from Singapore. Will check on your website every now and then to put my comments. Janet of Malaysia

  2. I've gone through your whole quest of tasting Kit Kat. Really interesting! I keep all the wrappers of my Kit Kat delicately in my albums to mark the number of flavours I have tasted. If you come across Kit Kat McFlurry (as in McDonald's McFlurry) with Caramel Macchiato flavour, it's quite a venture.

  3. Hi Janet! Wow, thanks for all your comments. Japan certainly is the place to be for tasting a wide variety of Kit Kats. I only wish I had started earlier since it will get harder to try them once I go back to the States this summer. Hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

  4. Strawberry flavor is one of my favorite flavor in kitkat and that's quite interesting stuff in this blog thanks you are doing good work..