Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Framboise Kit Kat

One of my favorite things to do during lunch is read my student's ridiculous t-shirts and pen cases that are covered with either French or English. I don't speak French very well but I can read enough to know that the Japanese mangle it just as much as they do English. It's hard to mess up one word though. I'm thankful that Nestle decided to just go with Framboise Kit Kat (that's French for raspberry by the way) and stuck with Japanese for the rest of the box.

The Framboise Kit Kat came in a box of two. Each pack is two fingers and has 97 calories. There is no picture on the packaging to indicate what kind of chocolate is used so I was expecting white chocolate but to my surprise it was actually milk chocolate. It had a faint raspberry smell to it. The chocolate itself had hints of raspberry but most of the fruity flavor was concentrated in the creme. The raspberry flavor was nice and a little tart - as close to authentic as you get with something like a Kit Kat (which is to say not very authentic.) The milk chocolate was creamy and reminded me why I love milk chocolate Kit Kats. There's something about them that just doesn't come through with a white chocolate or even (gasp!) a dark chocolate bar.

Like with other milk chocolate varieties, (I'm thinking mainly Yubari Melon Kit Kat) the fruit doesn't overwhelm the chocolate but works with it to make a very enjoyable snack. I only wish that my 7-11 stocked it. I am making a trip into the "big" city tomorrow so maybe when I'm picking up essentials like Starbucks coffee and guacamole mix I'll get another Framboise Kit Kat.

Final Score: 8


  1. OOOO- this one sounds AWESOME!!!

  2. it was tart indeed. i liked the tartness of this kit kat and the raspberry flavor but didn't like it with the milk chocolate. i hate milk chocolate. ^^

    but it was tasty.

  3. I really didn't like this one. Tasted so artifical. Like the fruit smoothie kit kat is terrible. Matcha kit kat was excellent! pudding kit pretty good...

    BUT, LOVE your blog! <3 keep up the fabulous work!

  4. Love your blog!

    If anyone wants to buy this flavor it is available on ebay:

    too bad I don't live in Canada or the USA though... :(