Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cherry Kit Kat - Yamagata Limited Edition

From what I can tell the Cherry Kit Kat is less common than a Strawberry Kit Kat but only slightly. I missed the Cherry Kit Kat season last year but I did like the Sakura Matcha Kit Kat released earlier this year.

There are two cherry seasons here in Japan. The first is in April when everyone has flower viewing parties and gets drunk under the cherry blossoms. Later comes the cherry-eating season. Now is the time to get cherries. I think the cherry blossoms are beautiful but I much prefer to eat cherries and I spend a lot of money this time of year buying them. (Fruit is soooo expensive here!) When I saw that there was a Cherry Kit Kat I was both excited and wary. I like real cherries too much to waste time with fake cherry flavoring.

I bought these two precious minis online. For the longest time they were listed but out of stock but with regular and diligent checking I was finally able to score some. You can't buy these from the Nestle E-shop. You have to hope Napa Japan has some in stock or make your way to Sendai in order to try this one.

Each mini is 69 calories. They are made with white chocolate and colored a dark pink color. They have an artificial cherry smell to them. Upon tasting them, the chocolate itself has a slight cherry taste to it. If it was just that it would be too sweet to be good but the cherry creme between the wafers has a tartness that rounds out the sweetness of the chocolate. It is an artificial cherry taste to be sure but it's not so bad. It reminds me of a cherry icee but without the awkward red lips afterward.

Although I would rather have the real thing over this Kit Kat bar it was nice to finally try a Cherry Kit Kat. If you can get your hands on it then I recommend giving it a taste but I wouldn't go all the way to Sendai just to try it.

Final Score: 6.5


  1. Just wanted to mention that Sendai is not in Yamagata prefecture!

    The Yamagata KitKats are widely available at souvenir shops in Tsuruoka (my city) and other places in Yamagata-ken. They are available in Miyagi prefecture too. I've seen them myself in the JR station, airport and a few highway rest-stops in Sendai and area.

  2. You are correct! But since you can buy them in Sendai my original plan was to take a trip up that way and buy them there. Good to know they are widely available (in that area anyway.)

    Thanks for reading and commenting. :-)

  3. ahh they are looking so tasty! I love readingur blog and wouldlove to have so many kit kats as u are able to try :)

  4. I love cherries - so this sounds just fab!

  5. These sound good... I think I'm partial to the fruity ones, they always seem to be the one I like best.