Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New(ish) Kit Kats

There are several new...ish varieties of Kit Kats out there to track down and try...if you've just started eating Japanese Kit Kats. If you've been at this awhile, and I have, then you will recognize some of these as regional varieties who are getting some time on the main stage. Some of them are just getting their second (or fifth or sixth) chance at it.

If you missed the regional varieties because you don't have an awesome friend named Marie who traveled to Hokkaido to bring you back Kit Kat then this is your chance to try them. I'm not sure there's any urgency on the Pudding Kit Kat. I can guarantee that will be back again, but the Tiramisu might be worth a try. Either way, I won't be reviewing them again but I've linked to my first reviews below.

Edamame Zunda Kit Kat (once a regional Kit Kat from Tohoku.)

Yubari Melon Kit Kat (once a regional Kit Kat from Hokkaido.)

Custard Pudding Kit Kat (released several times various ways and only strawberry beats it in the so tired of it category.)

Tiramisu Kit Kat (I reviewed this one once before very early on and I'm still on the fence whether to try it again. In the meantime you can laugh at my early attempts at blogging or wish for the days when I was less verbose and got on with the chocolate reviewing.)

And because I'm trying to stick to my no more Strawberry Kit Kats rule I am definitely not reviewing the Bitter Strawberry Kit Kat even if it does look slightly intriguing. Instead I will point you to someone who isn't forced to pay international shipping for the pleasure of yet another Strawberry Kit Kat. Check out Orchid64's take on the Bitter Strawberry Kit Kat at her blog Japanese Snack Reviews.

That's all for now! If you've seen anything I've missed let me know!


  1. Things have been pretty quiet on the KitKat front lately. I think it died down because of the earthquake and the end of cramming season. The darker chocolate adult version is going mainstream though (rather surprisingly). It's being issued in a regular box of three fingers rather than sold as a mini.

    Thanks for the link!


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