Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cookies and Cream Kit Kat

Although I'm obviously a fan of chocolate candy bars, Kit Kats especially, my real weakness are cookies. I always request a cookie cake for my birthday. My favorite ice cream flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream. So I really appreciate it anytime Nestle decided to put the two things I love - Kit Kats and cookies - together, this time with the Cookies and Cream Kit Kat.

The Cookies and Cream Kit Kat are really petits. Very small, no more than just a bite, and only 24 calories each, they are made with white chocolate with bits of chocolate cookie mixed in. The cookies are obviously meant to be Oreos although it's not explicitly stated since there appears to be no tie in with Nabisco. The cookie bits are good and give the bar a little extra crunch. They actually taste just like cookies and cream ice cream but in candy bar form. Although they might be better straight from the refrigerator, I haven't tried it cold yet. It did make me want some ice cream so this could be a pretty good substitute if you aren't near an ice cream shop.

There are 6 small bites in each box so you can eat all six with a little guilt or just eat a few at a time with none at all. I ate two and plan on putting the others in the freezer to see if getting them cold doesn't make them even more like cookies and cream ice cream.

Final Score: 8


  1. 8?! haha, we have pretty different tastes. i couldn't even finish a whole bar! and they're petit! it was way too sweet for me. if you'd like, you can watch mine and my roommate's reactions here on youtube: http://youtu.be/m5o92T48BwU
    we tried the strawberry hazelnut kit kat as well. i liked it a lot better than the cookies & cream one. but since you've tried a lot of the strawberry ones, i don't think it's a must try. :)

  2. Yum, I LOVE Oreo/Cookies n Cream flavors. I'll have to try to get my brother to find this for me in Japan!