Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jasmine Tea Kit Kat

I'm going to be honest - I have never had Jasmine tea before. So in trying the Jasmine Tea Kit Kat I can't be too terribly precise on whether this flavor stays true to its inspiration. However, I had an Earl Grey Chocolate Tort this summer while I was home that was to die for, so I already knew that chocolate and tea can be a wonderful combination. And it was. It is milk chocolate with just a hint of something else, Jasmine tea I'm guessing. Definitely a winner. I would eat this one again in a heartbeat. And it's even inspired me to go out and hunt down some Jasmine tea.


  1. Hi, I really loved this kit kat even though I thought I wouldn't! Thanks for linking to me, I just realised that you had, and I will link back to you :)

  2. im surprised i liked this kit kat. it was very subtle and would be good with japanese tea.

  3. what a amassing .............i really like Kitkat.
    I love jasmine tea! YUM!..