Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peach Kit Kats

After the disaster that was the Rose Kit Kat, it was high time for another fruity inspired chocolate treat and it came in a pair of Peach Kit Kats, White Peach Kit Kat and Yellow Peach Kit Kat. I tried them with friends Nathan and Miyuki at a picnic lunch in Takigashira Park. And they were a lovely end to a very nice lunch.

The White Peach came in a pink wrapper and was covered in white chocolate. Yellow Peach was in an orange wrapper and was colored yellow. Both had a very distinct peach smell to them, but in both smell and taste the Yellow Peach was stronger than the White Peach. I love peaches so I preferred the stronger of the two, the Yellow Peach. So did Miyuki. Nathan liked the White Peach better, but we all agreed that they were both pretty tasty. Oishii! The only thing bad thing is that they don't go very well with sake. Or Coke. Which is all I had to drink at the time. But I'm sure they would be lovely with coffee.

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  1. I loved peaches and really wanted to try this but never found it. Sob..Sob... Janet of Malaysia