Monday, May 25, 2009

Rose Kit Kat

Up until now all of the Kit Kats I've tried have been palatable. The Green Tea Kit Kat was a little iffy but I finished it. Then came the Rose Kit Kat...but first things first. This one was NOT a crazy color but looked like your average chocolate Kit Kat bar. It was, however, very aromatic. It smelled strongly of rose, like an old woman's bathroom. Not bad, but not necessarily exciting to the tastebuds either. I mean when was the last time you got a dozen roses and were tempted to tuck into them for a snack. I'm going to guess never.

Erin smells the Kit Kat.

There's a reason why we don't eat roses. It's because they taste bad. Putting rose scented soap in my mouth would have been about the same as eating this Kit Kat. Erin and I both rated this Disgusting with a capital D. Even my fellow ALT, Nathan, who will eat just about anything wouldn't finish off the remaining Rose minis for me. They ended up in the trash. Although in hindsight I should have kept them around to sweeten the air in my bathroom.

So in conclusion, roses are beautiful flowers. They are romantic. They smell wonderful. They are NOT meant to be eaten.
You just ruin perfectly good chocolate that way.


  1. any chance you would know where to order these? i would love to try it anyway haha

  2. Roses are my absolute favorite, to smell, to eat, to plant... But they do taste like they smell, and therefore a lot of people think that they taste like soap. I personally love them and would want to try these but it isn't for everybody.

    1. Some brands of rose flavored Turkish delights are pretty awesome, in my opinion. Ordered from Amazon.