Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kit Kat Dark

This isn't actually a Japanese Kit Kat but instead comes all the way from Hong Kong. I was super excited to try it because while I enjoy a lot of the fruitier flavored Kit Kats they are usually made with white chocolate and I'm not usually a white chocolate fan. I prefer dark chocolate over everything else.

This Kit Kat though was not worth my excitement. Do you see that picture with the dark chocolate and the wafers? Well it's a lie! I bit into my first finger to find no wafers at all. It was just a bar of plain dark chocolate and not even good dark chocolate at that. It was much too waxy. I don't know if this was an aberration or if all of the Kit Kat Darks come this way but I was severely disappointed. This one merited the low score of a 2 since it hardly qualifies as a Kit Kat without the wafers.

Final score: 2


  1. I would hope that was an aberration. My husband brought home a Kit Kat Dark for me from a recent business trip to England, and my Kit Kat Dark definitely had wafers. It was so yummy that I managed to make the bar last a week just so I oculd savor it.

  2. It's odd, but I think Nestle had some sort of problem with their 'wafer accuracy', for want of a better term, in October 2009. I regularly order Nestle Kit Kats from abroad. Recently, I received two boxes manufactured in October '09, around the time I'd assume the bar above was made, about 1 in 3 bars had some problem with the wafers, and 1 in 5 had two or more fingers missing some or all of their expected wafers.

    The chocolate is nice, but when you want a Kit Kat, you expect wafers, no?

    I really enjoy this blog, but have one question: Can you still eat American Kit Kats? For me, they taste only of sugar, and since you seem to dislike overly sweet things, I wouldn't think so.

  3. Er...I forgot to change that first 'October 2009' to 'Fall 2009'.