Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vegetable Juice Kit Kat

Yup, you read that right - Vegetable Juice Kit Kat. From the get go I was nervous about eating this one. I've had good experience with some of the more weird flavors (I loved Apple Vinegar for instance) and I've had some bad ones (the Rose Kit Kat was particularly bad.) So I wasn't sure which way this one was going to go. It went okay...for awhile.

To start with this Kit Kat is a collaboration between Nestle and Ito En. Ito En sells green tea and other beverages. Nestle makes snacks. Together they came up with the Vegetable Juice Kit Kat based off one of Ito En's drinks. In order to be better informed about the taste the Kit Kat was attempting to mimic I bought myself some juice.

First of all, let me say that I am not a drinker of vegetable juice. Just opening this up and drinking it was nerve wracking. I drink tea, coffee, and pop. On rare occasions I drink orange or pineapple juice. But on a regular basis, I prefer to eat my vegetables not drink them. Ito En's vegetable juice smelled horrible. But the taste was better than I expected. It was not too sweet with a sharper taste. Apple and carrot stood out although the picture hints that there are several other veggies and fruits involved. It wasn't my favorite but I could see why some people might like it.

Now onto the Kit Kat. It was made with white chocolate and was light orange in color. Unlike the juice it had a pleasant yet very generic sweet smell. It tasted sweet, and like the juice it was the apple and carrot taste that shone through, although much milder comparatively. Once again it was a taste I wasn't particularly fond of but I could maybe see where other people might like it. It ended on a sour note, saving it from being too sweet.

Up until this point I was having a very blah kind of Kit Kat experience. I didn't especially like it, but I wasn't gagging either. And then I decided, hmmmm I wonder how they taste together. Does the juice complement the Kit Kat? Were they meant to be consumed together? The answer: Absolutely not!!! Together they are pretty disgusting. I almost couldn't finish the Kit Kat after washing down one bite with the Ito En juice. I still have the second Kit Kat because I just couldn't bear the thought of eating any more of it. For that reason I am giving this the low score of 3. Nestle and Ito En's marketing ploy got me to buy their products but I won't be a repeat customer.

Final score: 3


  1. Interesting! I don't drink vegetable juice, either, so I'm surprised that the drink and KitKat alone weren't bad. But together? Hehe, I'm NOT surprised about that being gross. :)

  2. Yeah I probably should have known but I like to try new things and new combinations. This one totally backfired.

    Still, the Kit Kat alone wasn't great. I might have finished it without the juice but I wouldn't have bought it again. Unlike the Ume-shu Soda Kit Kat which I loved.

  3. I didn't like this either. I could only taste the apple, it overtook everything.
    Glad you thought the same as me though. I'm not fond of the juice either, and wouldn't be as brave as you to drink them both at the same time. :)

  4. GROSS! You drank veggie juice with a kit kat, I can't ever imagine how that would be remotely delicious. Congrats on the link and boost on views; you're well on your way to getting a book deal. ;)

  5. This looks interesting but I just can't imagine putting chocolate and veggie together.

  6. I found these kit kats in my local supermarket last week and decided to give them a try. I was surprised that they tasted very good! I usually stick to vanilla kit kats - the lemon kit kats and the apple kit kats I tried before were a fail. You're review made me curious enough to be brave. And also, I've had those salt and caramel kit kat bites, they are fabulous.

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