Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kit Kat Special Release Map

Turns out I wasn't even looking for half the Kit Kats I should have been while traveling this past week. There are special release Kit Kats for certain cities and regions only. Check out this crazy map that shows where to find what and when. I might have been able to grab three of those in Tokyo alone. Although we did manage to snag some of the Green Tea Kit Kats that are especially for Kyoto.

Click here for a larger version

Of course they are also available on the internet if I want to pay 840 yen with shipping. I'm going to have to decide here soon how far I want to take this project. Do I stick with the general release Kit Kats and shop in my local conbinis or do I extend my search to internet shopping as well. Part of the fun is trying to find all the flavors in different stores and coming across ones I wasn't expecting to see. It's like a treasure hunt. But getting candy in the mail would be fun too. And really can I leave Japan next year without ever trying the Soy Sauce Kit Kat?

What do you think readers?


  1. I completely vote for trying Soy Sauce Kit Kats!

  2. I vote, go for it. There are places you might not ever get to and then you'll never be able to taste their Kit Kats.

  3. Definitely try the soy sauce KitKat. It's an experience for sure. I bought mine in Tokyo from a Kiosk at the station, but didn't see any at all when I was there this summer...

    840 with shipping doesn't seem too bad, if these are the same boxes that they used to be. Aren't there 12 or so inside?

  4. I tried the soy sauce kit kat and it wasn't as great as I expected, it doesn't even taste like soy sauce. But basically you have never tried it, so you should get it out of your system perhaps? I know that if you go home and haven't tried it, it will be much more expensive than 840 yen to try!!