Monday, January 4, 2010

Mild Bitter Kit Kat

I'm back from vacation in Kyushu and I find I have a backlog of Kit Kats to review. Some I've tried and just haven't posted and some others have been pushed aside in favor of holiday treats and the large package of Dark Chocolate Reese's my wonderful mother sent me for Christmas. I'll try to get back on track this week and should keep busy for several weeks more. Coming soon are Limited Edition Kit Kats from Kyushu, Okinawa, and Kyoto, random Kit Kat promotions involving cheese and coffee cups, and one more strawberry variety.

Today, however, is a special edition so special I figured I wouldn't ever be trying it because even though I am wholly committed to my Kit Kat mission I am not about to seek out the one store in Tokyo that carries it. But orchid64 over at Japanese Snack Reviews graciously sent me some to try.

These Kit Kat minis came in a bag of 14 sold only in Okashi Omachioka - a discount snack shop found around Tokyo. (I've mentioned I don't live in Tokyo, right? Because I don't. Not anywhere close. I live in the inaka out among the cabbage fields. I ride past a pig farm on my way to work. It's great, just not always conducive to finding the latest Kit Kat varieties.)

Each bar is 66 calories and covered in a darker chocolate than you get with a regular Kit Kat. The name Mild Bitter Kit Kat implies that the chocolate is dark but the real emphasis here is on mild. It is not a very dark chocolate - only slightly more bitter than the milk chocolate of a regular Kit Kat. I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate so you can take my assessment with a grain of salt, but I would have liked it to be darker. It promised but didn't deliver. The chocolate is a tad drier as well and overall the bar is a bit crisper, but overall the taste is not too far off a normal Kit Kat. It may be exclusive but it is hardly exotic.

Still, it was a good Kit Kat. I liked it. It was chocolate. There were wafers. And even if it wasn't as dark as I had hoped it was still a little less sweet than the white chocolate confections I usually get with crazy flavored Kit Kats. I'd still like a truly Dark Chocolate Kit Kat if I can ever find one. Until then I'll be snacking on the Dark Chocolate Reese's I have stocked away in my fridge.

Final Score: 8

And don't forget to check out the review of Mild Bitter Kit Kats at Japanese Snack Reviews!


  1. Thanks for the links, and I look forward to your take on the newest KitKats. With the pace that Nestle Japan keeps releasing new flavors, it's easy to rapidly fall behind!

    I think most of us living in Japan are envious of your dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups. I so miss chocolate and peanut butter mix sweets!

  2. You are welcome. And I would gladly send along a few Reese's if you'd like (I do owe you some candy after all) but you would have to send me your address because I threw away the envelope that had the Kit Kats in it. You've got my email if you're interested! Just let me know. :-)