Friday, April 30, 2010

Mixed Juice Kit Kat

Nestle's latest Kit Kat brought back memories of childhood where the ideal snack was cookies and juice. Was it just me or did anyone else bite off the heads off their animal crackers and dip them in your red Kool-aid and then make animal in pain noises? The picture on this bag of minis is yellow though. I'm pretty sure that any juice cocktail I ever drank as a kid was red but maybe Japan is different. It makes for a lot less fun with animal crackers though. (Do they even sell those here?)

I wish I could say the Mixed Juice Kit Kat was as much fun as juice and cookies as a kid but that would be a lie. These came in a bag of 13 minis and each Kit Kat is 69 calories Made with white chocolate, they are a troubling orange color. The bag hints that there might be strawberry, banana, and peach flavors involved and it certainly smells fruity. It tasted fruity too but it proved difficult to really pinpoint exact flavors. There was definitely some peach in there. And it had a banana aftertaste. I didn't really get a sense of strawberry but it's possible I just missed it in the overwhelming sweetness.

Overall, the Mixed Fruit Kit Kat was much too sweet for my taste and the flavor was too nondescript for me to really enjoy it. It's a step up from the Vegetable Juice Kit Kat though. I'm not sure that's really saying much. So far juices and Kit Kats have been a bit of a bummer.

Total Score: 4


  1. Hmm. Someone mentioned this to me, but I don't think I'll review it unless I can find a single mini on sale at a conbini. Buying whole bags of these things when they don't appear to hold much promise is always such a waste!

  2. Yeah I would give this one a pass if I were you. Lucky for me I have a sister back in the States who loves for me to save her any extra Kit Kats.

  3. Yes, this one is a definite pass! I got the 13 mini bag too, and I've only eaten one of them.

  4. I actually didn't mind these ones too much. Mixed Juice being like a smoothie stateside, I felt these were an apt interpretation of what a fruit smoothie Kit Kat might be. Not my favorite by any means, but I definitely thought higher of them than most of you.

  5. I got a bag of these for Father's Day, and I think they are fantastic. The flavor, the fact that it is a <100 calorie serving. This is what a 100 calorie pack should be.

    My exposure to non-traditional Kit Kat bars is limited (this, and the Framboise, my new personal favorite candy) but this is one of the best candy bar items I have ever eaten. I just wish that Nestle would have the courage to bring them over the ocean!