Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strawberry Kit Kat - Tochigi Limited Edition

A few weeks ago I took a trip up to Nikko where I ran across yet another regional limited edition. Usually I get excited about finding rare and hard to get Kit Kats when I travel but this time I actually questioned whether I should buy these or not.

Why? Well because this will be the FIFTH strawberry Kit Kat I have tried since I started this blog. This blog is still pretty young. It's been less than a year since I started on my crazy quest to try every Kit Kat Japan has to offer and already I have tried four other strawberry versions. But in the end I did buy them because you can't buy them online or find them in regular shops so if I was going to do it then it had to be while I was in Tochigi Prefecture visiting Nikko.

As a regional limited edition this particular Strawberry Kit Kat came in a box of 12 minis that cost 810 yen. Each mini is 68 calories. They are made with white chocolate and have an artificial strawberry scent to them. The taste is also artificial and this incarnation lacked the sour note on the end that redeemed the white chocolate versions that came before it. Without that little bit of sourness this bar was too sweet for me and because of the plethora of other strawberry Kit Kats out there this one was underwhelming.

I wholly suggest visiting Nikko but while there you should pass on the Strawberry Kit Kats and instead try the age yuba manju (a more traditional Japanese treat that is crispy, salty, and sweet all at once.)

Final Score: 5

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  1. I am thoroughly sick of strawberry KitKats as well, and there is yet another one on the shelves now - a Rilakkuma version which is in a tiny bite-size. The flavor recyclomatic at Nestle Japan must be on overdrive. :-p

    I haven't even reviewed as many as you, and I'm sick of them. The same goes for cherry and green tea, which are also greatly over-represented.

    And Nikko is fabulous. :-) The first time I came to Japan in 1988, I went there at just about this time of year. I hear it's even better in the fall.

  2. Wow, i'm jealous! I'm a Kit Kat Collector too and i couldn't find this Kit Kat nowhere. I have all the other regional Special Ed. Kit Kats in my Coll.... Except this one. Well, i still have hopes that i will find it someday on EBAY.

    But besides that i'm really tired of japanese Strawberry flavored Snacks. Mostly they are just awful.

  3. Orchid64-I'm getting tired of green tea too but I've only tried one cherry so far. I think I started just a little too late last year that I missed the cherry Kit Kat season. ;)

    Silvia-Yeah this is one of those ones you have to actually go there in order to get it. It's the only reason I went ahead and bought it.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I like the chocolate covered strawberries they sell there. In 2008, I visited a family I used to tutor in Utsunomiya, and they took me to Nikko. It is quite beautiful in the fall.

    Strawberry KitKats are pretty disappointing, aren't they? Although I have yet to get sick of green tea, and it's been about 4 years since my first green tea KitKat...

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  8. I'm not surprised that they used strawberry. Tochigi is a major producer of strawberries for the whole country. Unfortunately it's not a very interesting flavor.