Monday, April 12, 2010

Banana Kit Kat Bar

I'm back and with another Banana Kit Kat review. Don't confuse this with the Banana Kit Kat which I only reviewed back in February. I'm not sure what the rationale was behind releasing two different Banana Kit Kats so close together but it mirrors the same thinking with the Strawberry Kit Kat and the Sparkling Strawberry Kit Kat being released together. I don't try to understand the same minds that came up with the Rose Kit Kat or the Corn Kit Kat.

The Banana Kit Kat Bar is made with white chocolate and is colored a bright yellow. It has a very strong and very fake banana smell. Despite my love for bananas I don't really like banana flavored treats and just the smell of this made me cringe. I dreaded eating it, but I did because I knew it couldn't be worse than the Corn Kit Kat and it wasn't, but that's not really saying much.

The chocolate by itself has an overwhelming fake banana flavor that really put me off. But the wafers have a vanilla creme between them that together with the chocolate made for a more acceptable taste. However, it's still really sweet. With 243 calories it is not really diet friendly as say a Kit Kat mini but it was so sweet that I could only stomach half of it making that more like 122 calories. I'm not sure when or if I will ever finish the other half. There are too many other worthier sweets awaiting my attention. So the final verdict when it comes to Banana Kit Kats? I prefer the milk chocolate mini to this too sweet monstrosity. And I think any banana lovers out there will agree with me.

Final Score: 4


  1. just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog. I was in awe of the varieties of Kitkats in Japan and I only saw a handful of the ones available there. I just wrote an entry about the varieties myself. I went to the japanese kitkat website and they have an awesome interactive map that tells you where you can buy the kitkats. Great writing. Keep it up. I am currently teaching english in SK so I guess that makes us neighbours.

  2. Hi Kat! I have that website bookmarked and check on it regularly. And I'll admit some of my travel planning is based on that map. :-D

    Thanks for reading and commenting!