Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blueberry Kit Kat

One of the foods I miss the most in Japan is blueberry pancakes. I suppose I could make my own but blueberries (like everything else) are expensive here and unless I have blueberry syrup from Cracker Barrel to go on them it's just not the same. To make up for the lack of blueberry pancakes though I do have some pretty fantastic blueberry honey (also expensive but worth it) that I slather on home made biscuits, which for the record are almost as good as Cracker Barrel's. Man, I miss Cracker Barrel.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I was excited to see some Blueberry Kit Kat minis and that I'm still avoiding the Aloe Vera Yogurt Kit Kats sitting in my kitchen going on a month now. I found these minis in a mix pack at the 7-11 that also came with regular chocolate and what else but some more Strawberry Kit Kats. I did notice a bag of nothing but Blueberry at the grocery store yesterday so if you'd rather not have more Strawberry Kit Kats (understandable) I suggest looking for that bag instead.

Each Blueberry Kit Kat mini is 66 calories. They are made with a very creamy milk chocolate. That or they melted a bit when I left the house and turned off the air conditioner. It has been pretty hot here when it's not raining. Either way, even if it was messy, I liked it. They have a blueberry smell and a nice blueberry flavor in both the chocolate and the creme. It could be a little more but it's better than the Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat where I struggled to find the blueberry taste.

I'm a big fan of Nestle's fruit/milk chocolate combinations and this is just one more example to add to a list that include the Yubari Melon Kit Kat, Banana Kit Kat, and Strawberry Kit Kat. They do a better job of sticking to the natural flavor when they use milk chocolate versus white. Then again I don't like white chocolate that much so take that as you will.

Overall it was a really good snack but it's still not as good as some blueberry cheesecake ice cream! Especially in the summer heat. But if you don't mind a little chocolate melting on you then I would recommend picking these up.

What are your favorite blueberry treats? Muffins, pancakes, cheesecake, ice cream, jam? Are there better blueberry chocolates out there I should try? Let me know in the comments!

Final Score: 8


  1. OMG, they have this back again?? I tried this ages ago, maybe a couple of years but in mini form and it's my all time favourite! To me it always tasted like turkish delight...yumm..gotta get some now! Thanks :)

  2. Sounds like another winner! My favorite blueberry treat is definitely blueberry muffins, but Meiji made some yummy blueberry Apollo a few years ago. I'm sure it will be back eventually!

  3. I found you thru StumbleUpon - and blueberries are my obsession! lol. I've been making blueberry treats galore, pancakes being one of them. Along with muffins and scones and pie. These are pretty cool - the blueberry kit kats!

  4. @Tasty Japan - This has already been done? I had no idea. I guess there are very few "new" Kit Kats. ;-)

    @ebidebby - I second blueberry muffins. With a crumble top if possible.

    @Grumpy and HoneyB - That all sounds delicious! I wish baking was easier here but I only have a very very small oven to work with so I'll have to stick with Kit Kats. :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting.