Friday, June 18, 2010

Contest Winner!

I had lunch with the 8th graders today and after a halted explanation in a mix of Japanese and English about this blog the always genki Honoka chose a winner for the anniversary contest. I asked her to write down any number from 1-67 (the number of comments on the contest post) and then give me the number. She chose lucky number 7. That means Kate you are my winner! Please email me your address at jenken04 so I can send you your fabulous prize.

To everyone else thanks for participating! I loved reading your ideas for future Kit Kats. Who knows maybe Nestle can take some inspiration and save us from anymore Strawberry Kit Kats!


  1. Congratulations! I was close enough though. ;)
    Luckily a friend of mine went to Japan meanwhile and got a hold of matcha kitkats. Dream come true! :)

  2. There were 10-unit boxes of matcha Kit Kats for sale at the Nagoya airport as well as 10-unit boxes of matcha-sakura flavored Kit Kats.