Saturday, February 20, 2010

Banana Kit Kat

I love bananas. I was really irate during the ridiculous banana diet fiasco in Japan where for about three months it was impossible to buy bananas because some empty-headed TV personality mentioned that she had lost weight eating nothing but bananas and every obachan in the country went out and bought up all the bananas by twelve each day. I like them because they are delicious and because they're usually the cheapest fruit in a country where apples are over a dollar a piece and melon prices can soar as high as $200 a pop. But I am a banana purist. I don't tend to like banana flavored things. Banana splits are only so-so. Even banana bread doesn't rank that high with me. So while a Banana Kit Kat sounded tempting I wondered if I would really like it or not.

The Banana Kit Kat minis are 66 calories each and are milk chocolate. They have a faint artificial banana smell to them that also extends to the taste, but it's mild enough and mixes well enough with the milk chocolate that I didn't really mind that it wasn't "natural." The chocolate seemed creamier than normal or maybe it's just that milk chocolate has a lower melting point than white but either way I liked it.

Overall it was a pretty tasty Kit Kat and it illustrates perfectly how I've come to feel about this crazy Kit Kat experience of mine and that is that I think Nestle does a better job when they try to create a flavor that complements the chocolate rather than overtakes it. A literal translation of a flavor in Kit Kat form does not always make for a delicious snack, the disgusting Corn Kit Kat is a perfect example. The Banana Kit Kat on the other hand is a nice blend of banana with chocolate.

Of course, it helps that bananas and chocolates go nicely together anyway. Chocolate fondue anyone? Banana Splits? Not true for apples and carrots, or roses, or corn on the cob and yet I've tried all of those. And I will keep trying them because who knows maybe Nestle will prove me wrong. I did like the Sports Drink Kit Kat. And the Melon Kit Kat. Neither of which I would have dreamed of making into chocolate bars. If you get the chance to try the Banana Kit Kat (and good luck trying because I think these are from last year) then I say go for it.

Final Score: 7.5


  1. I find it interesting that in your part of Japan banana's are cheap. In hokkaido they are pretty expensive, about 200 yen each. It's much cheaper here where you can buy a kg for about $1.99.

    Funny you should talk about the banana diet. My MIL is still on it and she has lost over 20kg on it... :) airhead idea or not it definitely works.

    I would love to try this banana kit kat anyway, I'm the kind of person who loves fake banana taste as much as the real thing. Definitely think I'll buy a bag :)

  2. Cheap is a relative term, but I can get a bunch of bananas for around 150 yen. They are usually a lot riper than I like though. At home I buy them still green because I like them slightly green or just turned yellow. It's almost impossible to get that here. Maybe it's because they come from farther away?

    20kg just eating bananas? That's great that she lost the weight but it doesn't sound like the healthiest way to do it. But I guess if it works! (Just so long as there are still bananas left for me to buy...heehee.) :)

    I think you will definitely enjoy them then. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. where did you get the banana kit kat and the sports drink one?? where do you buy them other then combini??

  4. I bought them on Happy Hunting!