Monday, February 22, 2010

Chocollabo Kit Kat

If a regular Kit Kat is too boring for you don't worry because Nestle has you covered. Oh, you don't like crazy flavors like Rose Kit Kat or Kinako Ohagi Kit Kat? Well, that's okay too. Even if you do here are some Kit Kats that are personalized by you for any special occasion. They probably work for random days too but they're kind of expensive. In the Nestle lab (by which I mean the internet) you can create your very own Kit Kat box with pictures, stamps, and cutesy writing. It's like purikura but on a Kit Kat box!

The site is all in Japanese and they charge 2,100 yen for a box of 10 Kit Kats. If those are the larger boxes with two packs inside then that's a pretty fair price. If it's a box of 10 minis then I might balk. It's a super cute idea for party favors I think and I'm soooo tempted but I don't have any special occasions to warrant buying them. Maybe when I leave Japan I could give them as goodbye presents. Until then you'll find me perusing the pictures of Kit Kat boxes featuring newlyweds, babies, and small dogs.

Check it out - Chocollabo Kit Kat.


  1. Where can I buy these kit kats online? I'm from USA.

    1. I have made the custom Kit Kats available on eBay for overseas residents. Check it out here

  2. You can check out the link in my post but it's all in Japanese and I don't think they will ship outside of Japan. If you don't want a personalized box but just want some Japanese flavored Kit Kats then check out or

  3. hey there. i've been an avid reader/follower of your blog and i absolutely love it~ hehe thanks! just wondering what american snacks you miss from the u.s. that japan does not have. i'm trying to send a friend who moved from california to japan a care package and i don't know what japan does not have. any suggestions?? anything from oreo cookies, to tobasco sauce, to pepto bismol!?!?! thanks~ your help is very much appreciated!

  4. Oreos and Tabasco sauce are very easy to find here so I wouldn't send those. If there is a certain kind of peanut butter she likes then that's good. My mom sends me jars of crunchy Jif and also Reese's cups. I also like seasonal candy so since Easter is coming up I like getting that. Or girl scout cookies. I didn't get any this year and would have loved to. I like to get bread mixes too because it's hard for me to find anything other than white flour here - Cornbread mix, muffin mixes, cake mixes that sort of thing. Everyone is different so I would ask her what she would like. It will also depend on if she has an import store near her too. I really miss tortilla chips but I can get them and other things in the city when I visit. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading!