Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bananas or Kit Kats?

BBC News has put together a nice little pros and cons list of bananas vs. Kit Kats. Personally, I like them both and I even have a Banana Kit Kat to review soon so maybe this will all be moot.

So what do you think? Bananas or Kit Kat in a snack stand-off - which wins?

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  1. This has to be one of the dumbest concepts for an article I've ever seen. I realize that it's lighthearted and all, but it just seems like someone is trying too hard to find something fluffy to write about to get page views.

    I was amused, however, by the "Japanese parents swear by KitKats" part. Foreign folks buy into Nestle Japan's marketing ploys much more fully than the Japanese actually do. I've never known a person in real life who believed the play on words about KitKats and academic success. In fact, few I know actually even know about it. But all of the foreigners who research Japanese KitKats buy into it so it must be true! ;-)

    During the entire time I've been in Japan, I've read all sorts of claims about Japan made by foreigners who don't live here from rock groups who claim their songs or albums are "number one" to people who assert various cultural habits and beliefs. Japan is like some blank slate the people write on and believe writing it makes it real...nevermind what things are really like here.