Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chestnut Kit Kat

I don't really know much about chestnuts except that you can roast them over an open fire and I only know that from that Christmas song that plays every year..."Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose." So I didn't really know what to expect when it came to the Chestnut Kit Kat. I just hoped Jack Frost would stay away while I ate them. My nose is cold enough with the strong winds here in Tahara.

The Chestnut Kit Kat is a mini Kit Kat and has only 65 calories in each small bar. I'm happy to report that this is another milk chocolate variety. It had a nice nutty smell that carried over into the flavor as well. Having never really eaten chestnuts before I can't really attest to how close this Kit Kat comes to a true chestnutty flavor but I will say that it was both nutty and delicious. But then that's no surprise since nuts and chocolate have had a long relationship together. Both the chocolate and the creme had a chestnut taste to them but despite the double whammy it was still subtle enough not to overwhelm the chocolate. This was another delicious Kit Kat and it makes me wonder if I shouldn't be trying more chestnut flavored treats. What are your favorite chestnut flavored snacks? Recommendations please!

Final Score: 7


  1. Ah, Mont Blanc is the best. Expensive, but fabulous.

  2. I like just a plain roasted chestnut. They're a bit pricey, but you can buy pre-roasted and jarred chestnuts.

  3. Yes I agree with Orchid64 - Montblanc!! I had the best Montbanc recently from Le Tao when I was in Hokkaido...yumz!!

  4. Allow me to third the suggestion of Mont Blanc! It's delicious. But for some cheaper alternatives, Meiji had a chesnut chocolate bar that was fantastic (review pending, but total A+). I also love Manju with marron inside. Or just plain old amakuri...

  5. I would say that Vermicelles is my favorite chestnut flavored snack. Although it is probably more a dessert than a snack. :-)
    Vermicelles is a cream made from chestnuts, sugar and Kirsch (cherry liquor) and a typical Swiss dessert in the fall season. Simply delicious!