Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sakura Matcha Kit Kat

Nestle is really hitting the "give a student some encouragement, give them a Kit Kat" campaign hard this year. First we had the lucky 5 sided mug. Then the Milk Coffee Kit Kat with random sakura design. And then they released bags of white and milk chocolate Kit Kat minis also with more sakura design (not reviewed because plain white and milk chocolate is boring.)

And now there is the Sakura Matcha Kit Kat with a convenient space on the back for you to write and encouraging message to those students studying themselves silly trying to get into the best high school/college. I like the crazy flavored Kit Kats and all but it's enough to make me eternally grateful that my parents were cool with me getting Bs in school.

The Sakura Matcha Kit Kat is 100 calories and made with white chocolate. The chocolate itself is green tea flavored and is very similar if not the same as the special edition from Kyoto I tried earlier. What makes this one different is the addition of the sakura flavor in the creme. It is very definitely a fake cherry taste but I think that authentic cherry flavoring is very hard to come by so I will forgive Nestle this time. Besides it reminded me of the berries in Cap'n Crunch with Berries cereal so it was both natsukashii* and oishii**. (Am I the only one who used to get mad at their mom for buying plain Cap'n Crunch with no berries because it's no good without the berries!)

Overall I was very pleasantly surprised. I've given a begrudging thumbs up to other green tea varieties but this one is by far my favorite of the lot. If you're looking for something to encourage a poor overworked student then I suggest giving them some fish sticks (it's better brain food than chocolate after all) and keep this Kit Kat for yourself.

Final Score: 8



  1. Wow, this Sakura Matcha KitKat really seems to be a hit! I will have to order some. Maybe they will help me do well on my annual review at work...

  2. I've given this one a pass so far. I'm thinking another green tea and or cherry flavor isn't what I'm keen on right now. That being said, your review may change my mind. ;-)

    I always preferred plain Cap'n Crunch, and my mother never brought either home so you were lucky!

  3. ebidebby - I think you will like it since you are a big fan of the Matcha Kit Kat. Unless you're a purist and then you should give it a miss.

    Orchid64 - Yeah, I'm getting tired of the Green Tea Kit Kats so I understand not trying this one. And no berries? Really? My mom didn't buy the more sugary cereals very often so it was especially disappointing when the few times she did she got the wrong one.

    Thanks for commenting!

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  5. It has been a great incredible experience even if the flavor is very different from which described

  6. Hi,
    There is a wasabi kit kat as well.

  7. I liked this, although I was actually disappointed it wasn't flavored with the flower rather than the berry. And I guess I'm a purist because if given a choice, I'd rather have plain matcha. But still happy I tried it!

  8. I love Cap'n Crunch Berries! I love it and hate to have the original, but still eat it anyway.