Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Green Tea Kit Kat - Kyoto Limited Edition

I've reviewed the Green Tea Kit Kat once before. That one came in a mixed bag of minis and wasn't my favorite. This one came from a box of Limited Edition Kit Kats from Kyoto. Now I know there are different kinds of green tea. There is the really thick kind that looks like pea soup and is served in a bowl and tastes bitter but goes well with sweets. And there is the less thick kind served in cups. But please don't ask me which is which when it comes to these Kit Kats because I have no idea. I've tried looking it up but my Japanese kanji skills are failing me. If anyone knows better than me then please chime in.

Like the other regional limited edition boxes this had 12 minis in it, each only 69 calories. My friend Kristin bought these in Kyoto Station when she was here visiting me and was nice enough to let me have two in order to review. (Apparently I am breaking a tie in her office as to whether these are good or not.)

I wasn't a huge fan of the first Green Tea Kit Kat I tried. It didn't really taste like green tea and it had a very unpleasant aftertaste. This one, however, wasn't as bad. It smelled of matcha and it had a darker green tint to it than the last one. Despite the extra green dye it had a milder green tea taste than the last one. It was very sweet thanks to the white chocolate and the matcha taste was very mellow. It almost smelled more like green tea than it tasted. There was none of the bitterness that I associate with a bowl of tea here in Japan. But that's not a bad thing. You always have a sweet with your tea and in a way you could say that Nestle has combined both the tea and the sweet into one package. I wish it had been a little bit more bitter but I feel that way about most of the white chocolate Kit Kat.

Overall, it was a nice snacking experience. I'm not sure I would buy another box and I'm glad I only had the two to eat but it was much better than the last Green Tea Kit Kat I tried so thanks Kyoto for another delicious Kit Kat!

Final Score: 7


  1. Since I did NOT enjoy the other green tea kit kat I'm not sure I would be willing to try this one. However, since you stated it was not as bitter and lacked the horrible after taste I might be able to be convinced. :)

    I took a couple of the kit kats you sent home at Christmas to work; they loved me for it and are already asking if you're going to send or bring home more for them to try. lol

  2. The Kyoto area KitKat is my favorite KitKat ever. But I like anything matcha... I'm glad you liked it better than the other green tea flavor! I was worried that Nestle had changed their formula.

    This green tea would be the pea soup kind. This flavor is Uji matcha, and Uji is a pretty city very close to Kyoto that is known for tea. You can get all kinds of matcha food there! The cha-dango are really, really good.

  3. Erin - sorry I have't got any more bags of ones I don't like. But I'm sure I'll have more by summer. How did you like the Ginger Ale?

    ebidebby - Thanks for the info! I wonder what the other one was then. I love green tea so I was really disappointed that first time. This one was nice but I must be a traditionalist because I still prefer my tea in a bowl with some manju to eat with it. ;-)

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  5. This looks delicious. Looks like you get green tea flavored everything in Japan (I saw green tea Coke a while back). I love kit kats and green tea ice cream. I need to look around for someone that imports these things.