Friday, January 29, 2010

Kit Kat Gokaku Mug

I've mentioned before the play on words that make Kit Kats a popular item to give students around exam time. Kitto katsu in Japanese translates to surely you will win. So a gokaku mug or pentagon shaped mug is a fitting promotion. Gokaku is a play on words that translates to luck. Since it's exam time here in Japan for stressed out junior high school students trying to get into a good high school as well as stressed out high school kids trying to get into a good college a good luck mug with a packet of Nescafe Cafe Au Lait and a Kit Kat bar makes for a nice encouraging gift.

If I didn't have around 400 students getting ready to graduate and move up to high school then I might buy them all one. Instead I will sit in my apartment, sipping Nescafe, and thanking God I'm no longer in school.


  1. i've got one today my circle K...and yes i am not a student but a coffee lover hope it will bring me more luck too.

    a passers by who appreciates simple little thing :D


  2. Hi i would like to get one gokaku cup for my brother on his upcoming birthday.he loves it a lot.but in our country we cant buy it.Kindly help this sister.plzzzz i want this badly for my brother.if u can help kindly mail in this
    even a second hand will be fine