Saturday, January 16, 2010

Milk Coffee Kit Kat

I've tried the Espresso Coffee Kit Kat, Tiramisu Kit Kat, Cafe Latte Kit Kat and now comes the Milk Coffee Kit Kat. That makes four. Four! I have tried four coffee flavored Kit Kats in the nine months I have been buying and blogging Kit Kats. It must be hard to keep up the pace they do releasing new flavors all the time so they aren't opposed to tweaking existing flavors and re-releasing them. But as long as they stick with the more delicious ones and don't decide to extend the Rose Kit Kat into a longer campaign of various flower flavors then I guess I won't complain. Because the truth is I like coffee and I like coffee-flavored Kit Kats.

The Milk Coffee Kit Kat comes in a box of two that proclaims that soon the cherry blossoms will bloom. about three months maybe. Right now it's time for long underwear and pocket warmers, but talking about sakura around New Year's is something of a tradition here in Japan. No weirder than talking about groundhogs in February I guess. Although I'm still not sure what Milk Coffee and cherry blossoms blooming have anything to do with each other...

Anyway, each bar is 100 calories. They are white chocolate with just the slightest hint of brown. They smell faintly of coffee, but nothing like the overpowering smell of the Cafe Latte Kit Kat minis. The taste is milder as well. The chocolate has a milk taste to it while the coffee flavor is concentrated in the creme. It's definitely delicious but it's doesn't scream COFFEE!!! like the Cafe Latte Kit Kat did. The problem with releasing so many varieties of what is essentially the same flavor is that I become more critical because I have something to compare it with. The Milk Coffee Kit Kat is a great snack and goes nicely with a cup of coffee but it doesn't stack up to the Cafe Latte Kit Kat, which is still easily one of my favorites.

Then again I don't drink my coffee with milk. I like it strong and sweet so if you like your coffee white then you might prefer this coffee variety over the Cafe Latte.

Final Score: 7


  1. found your blog through a friend's. totally enjoyable stuff, reminds me of my obsession with kit kats when i lived in tokyo. although, they seem to have never brought back the banana-choco flavor that was around my first autumn there in 2002.

  2. Hi Jen.. I followed you from my friends blog "Japanese Snack Reviews"... Hello! If you happen to find Green Tea.. PLEASE let me know... and send it to me Chakubari...

    = )

    I have yet to find them here = )