Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strawberry Kit Kat (again)

This reminds me of the enka song my friend Bob (not his real name) sings every time we go to karaoke. The chorus is mooooichido *clap, clap* mooooichido *clap, clap* something something mumble mumble mumble. Right, so I don't remember all the words (that's what the karaoke machine is for) but the moichido part translates to one more time *clap, clap* one more time *clap, clap*. So here we go one more time with another Strawberry Kit Kat. For past installations please see the first Strawberry Kit Kat, the Sparkling Strawberry Kit Kat, and the Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat.

The latest Strawberry Kit Kat came from a bag of minis found at my local grocery store. Each mini is only 66 calories but what sets these apart from the pack is that they are milk chocolate rather than white chocolate. So right there I'm a little happier and more inclined to like them. There is a strong but fake strawberry smell to them and the taste is pretty artificial as well with most of the strawberry flavor centered in the chocolate. The Sparkling Strawberry and the first Strawberry Kit Kat I tried had a sour note that this Strawberry Kit Kat lacked and I can't say that I missed it. It's a nice snack but I only wish it could taste a little more like the strawberries grown here in Tahara and less like an artificial additive.

And that's why strawberry flavored candies are not my favorite; they can't ever live up to the real thing. If I had to choose between a chocolate covered strawberry and a Strawberry Kit Kat (even a milk chocolate one) I would definitely go for the real strawberry. This latest incarnation of the Strawberry Kit Kat, however, is the best I've tried so far. And I look forward to trying Nestle's next stab at strawberry (right around this time next year if I had to guess.)

Final Score: 6


  1. There are waaaaaay too many strawberry KitKats. That being said, you and I are a little different in that I like them to have a sour note to offset the cloying sweetness of white chocolate-based KitKats.

    Frankly, I've decided not to sample anymore of the strawberry ones! Thank goodness you're hear to "take the bullet." ;-)

  2. I liked the sour note in the first white chocolate one I tried because it was too sweet otherwise but I thought the Sparkling Strawberry was too sour. I'm like Goldilocks...this milk chocolate one was juuuust right. ;-)