Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calpis Kit Kat

I don't like Calpis. In part because it tastes like flat Fresca, but also because it looks suspiciously like skim milk despite claiming to be a soft drink. But mostly I don't like it because Calpis sounds like cow's piss and who would want to drink something called that? I do giggle every time my friend Miwa orders it though. And she gives me a strange look every time too. It's our tradition.

Usually I comment on how a particular Kit Kat is good but not as good as the real thing. But this time is different. The Calpis Kit Kat is a huge improvement over the real thing. I can say with confidence that I would rather have a Calpis Kit Kat than drink cow's piss...I mean Calpis.

They came in a bag of minis bought at my local supermarket and each mini is 69 calories. The Calpis Kit Kat is made with lemon smelling white chocolate. The chocolate itself has a nice mild lemon taste to it and the creme gives the bar a nice sour finish. Really other than the wrapper there is very little to indicate that this is a Calpis Kit Kat in particular. If you had blindfolded me and asked me to name that flavor I would have guessed lemon. Calpis has more of a lemon lime flavor to it. It's like a flat Seven-Up. But there was little hint of lime in the Calpis Kit Kat - more lemon than anything else. I'm not a huge fan of citrus-y flavored chocolate so this isn't going on my list of favorites but it was a decent Kit Kat. If you like lemon with your chocolate then I suggest checking it out.

Final Score: 6


  1. Did the sourness remind you of yogurt? I might actually go for these if they were like a lemon yogurt KitKat, but probably will pass if they are just lemony. I wish this was available as one of the single minis you can buy occasionally at convenience stores.

  2. Oooh yum, i LOVE calpis. :) I'll be buying this in single mini's :)

  3. Orchid64-I ate another one today and yeah it did remind me of yogurt.

    Kelly-Too bad you don't live closer and then you could finish off the bottle of half full of Calpis I won't be drinking. I just can't drink the stuff.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Are these available now? I agree with you about the Calpis... yuck!

  5. Yup they are available now. I found mine in the local supermarket. Happy hunting!