Monday, February 7, 2011

Kawagoe Baked Sweet Potato Kit Kat-regional limited edition

I have an announcement to make.

Drumroll please...


I have tried every Regional Limited Edition Kit Kat available.

That's right. Thanks to extensive travel this past year, helpful friends, and the internet I have tried every specialty flavor from Annin Dofu to Shinshu Apple to Yubari Melon. I think I missed the Intense Kinako from the Tokyo area but it's no longer available so I'm not counting it. I've ftried every one on the page today, Finishing up with the Kawagoe Sweet Baked Potato Kit Kat today.

The Kawagoe Sweet Baked Potato Kit Kat is the third time I've tried a sweet potato Kit Kat but so far it's been the best. Someone at Nestle heard my plea that they should make a Kit Kat that tasted like my mom's sweet potato casserole she makes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sweet Potato Kit Kat

The Sweet Baked Potato Kit Kat has 69 calories in each mini bar. I bought mine from NapaJapan but if you're traveling in Japan you can find it in the Saitama area. The bar was made with white chocolate and was a light yellow color. It smelled like brown sugar and while it tasted like sweet potato it was heavy on the brown sugar in the flavor department as well. Not that I'm complaining. Like I said, it tastes just like my mom's sweet potato casserole. While I don't mind the purple sweet potatoes, the color for is enough to make me smile while eating them, I still prefer the orange yams. And this Kit Kat tasted more like them than the purple sweet potatoes.

Too bad that these are expensive to order online - one cost $2.49 because I would have loved to try more. I recommend trying them if you can get your hands on them.

Final Score: 8