Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Custard Pudding Kit Kat

I always get excited when we get pudding with kyushoku, or school lunch, so when I discovered a bag of Custard Pudding Kit Kat Minis hiding on a bottom shelf of the 7-11 across the street from my house, I snatched them up. This flavor was released a little before I started the blog so I was really lucky to find any left. I got the last the 7-11 had at any rate.

They were really tasty, not quite as good as a custard pudding, but still really good. They were white chocolate and a little yellow in color. They smelled great and if I had one complaint it was that they were just a little too sweet. The best part of a custard pudding is the contrast of the bitter caramel on bottom with the sweet pudding. The Custard Pudding Kit Kat had a hint of caramel taste but I could have used a little more. Still, I won't have any problems finishing off this bag, so I would count this a success.

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