Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tiramisu Kit Kat

I reviewed the Espresso Coffee Kit Kat awhile back and I wish I could still find some in the stores because I would love to eat the Espresso Coffee and the Tiramisu Kit Kat one right after another just to see if there really is any difference. Having eaten them a month or so apart my guess right now is no and they just changed the packaging.

The Tiramisu Kit Kat is white chocolate with the coffee flavor concentrated in the wafers. It smells like tiramisu and it tastes very close to it. Where the Espresso Coffee Kit Kat fell short with the choice of white chocolate, this time the white chocolate enhanced the flavor. But in the end it still tasted a lot like the Espresso Coffee Kit Kat. Either one would make a great snack with a cup of coffee, so despite my suspicions I give this one two thumbs up.


  1. I liked this one, too. But I liked the Matcha Tiramisu better, even though I have my doubts about it being true Tiramisu...

  2. Ooooh I haven't seen the Matcha Tiramisu. I like drinking Matcha but I didn't really like the green tea kit kat. I wonder if I would like Matcha Tiramisu any better.

  3. Hi Jen,

    I just got back from a vacation in Japan yesterday and I'm sitting here excited about my new Kitkat souvenirs-green tea, apple vinegar, melon and now thanks to your blog, I realize that my fourth kind is soda pop. I wish I had tried to find more! I'm going to check back and see what other kinds you discover!
    Robyn in Canada

  4. Hi Robyn! Thanks for commenting. Can you tell me where you bought the Melon Kit Kat? I haven't seen that one yet. Hope you enjoy your crazy kit kat flavors!

  5. where did you buy the tiramissu kitkat? i found some difficulties to find them :(