Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Strawberry Cake Kit Kat

It's summer in Ohio and that means big red smokies, baked beans, corn on the cob and my favorite - strawberry short cake. In Japan it's not the time for strawberries or strawberry cake - that would be at Christmas which explains why this Kit Kat has been out for awhile. However, I'm on a Midwest America schedule so that's my excuse for why I've just gotten around to trying it. Also because I just can't get excited about another strawberry Kit Kat.


This incarnation - the Strawberry Cake Kit Kat - comes in minis that have 68 calories each and are made with white chocolate. They smell faintly of strawberry and are alight pink color. The idea is that they should taste like strawberry cake - the very sweet confection that the Japanese eat at Christmas. There isn't much of a "cake" taste per say, unless you count the wafers but the strawberry is muted and there is a definite hint of whipped cream in there. It's not bad. Actually it's pretty good. It's just that we've seen strawberry time and time again and I'm running out of things to say. If you get the chance to try - go for it. If you've tried the other million strawberry Kit Kats Nestle has put out then you won't miss anything by giving this a pass.

Final Score: 7


  1. I love ANYTHING strawberry flavored so I'm all for the plethora of variations of this kit-kat. :)

  2. This looks really nice, all of these do! Do you know if there's any place you can find them in Britain? Or shipped here?

  3. Hi Yamma - I don't know where you might buy them in the UK but napajapan.com has international shipping and carries the most recent Kit Kat flavors.

    Thanks for reading and posting!

  4. I haven't tried this one yet. Most of these fruity Kit Kats usually taste like toothpaste to me. The other day I had the "zunda" ("edamame anko," or sweet soy bean paste) flavor and it was surprisingly pretty good. On top of that 10 yen of every box sold goes to disaster relief in Tohoku. You've got to review the zunda flavor Kit Kat!

  5. Johntaro - The Zunda Kit Kat used to be a regional Kit Kat. I actually reviewed it last May so I wasn't going to pay for shipping for it this time. I do have a friend visiting Japan now so he might bring me back one. I love the idea that part of the profits go to disaster relief. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  6. Wow! I should have suspected you already knew about it. Your knowledge of the Kit Kat is truly encyclopedic (I feel humbled in the presence of greatness).