Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Strawberry Hazelnut Kit Kat

Why oh why does Nestle keep making Strawberry Kit Kats? Probably because despite my promising not to buy anymore I still find myself buying them all. The latest strawberry incarnation I've tried is the Strawberry Hazelnut Kit Kat. At least there was something other than just strawberry going for it. At least that's what I told myself as I paid for shipping and handling for yet another strawberry Kit Kat.

Like the Cookies and Cream Kit Kat, the Strawberry Hazelnut Kit Kat comes in a box of 6 petits each with 25 calories. Hazelnut and chocolate is a no-brainer. Anyone who loves Nutella can attest to that. And strawberry and chocolate is Nestle's trusty standby, so I knew that despite it being yet another strawberry Kit Kat that this was something I looked forward to.

Upon opening the wrapper there was a strong fake strawberry smell. The chocolate itself is strawberry flavored with the hazelnut in the creme. The creme was very creamy and the hazelnut flavor kept the strawberry chocolate from being overwhelming. In truth this might as well have been named the Hazelnut Strawberry Kit Kat since there was more hazelnut than strawberry in my opinion. The small bites also prevented it from being too sweet since there was little danger of overdoing it. Overall, it was a great tasting Kit Kat. If you're going to try a strawberry version, I would recommend this one for sure.

Final Score: 7