Thursday, May 21, 2009

Green Tea Kit Kat

After trying a few Kit Kat flavors alone in my apartment, I decided to share the experience with those around me, this time it happened to be my neighbor from upstairs and fellow ALT, Nathan, and my sister, Erin, who had come all the way from Louisville, KY to try a Green Tea Kit Kat. Er, I mean visit me.

I couldn't get very far into this project without trying the wildly popular Green Tea Kit Kat. You might even be wondering why it took three entries before we got here. I had wanted to try it for a long time but it was proving hard to find. The only time I ever saw them were in the airport shops, but they were these huge boxes meant to give as omiyage* and cost $15, so I bided my time until they came out with a combo bag of minis.

And thank God there were some regular chocolate ones in there because the Green Tea Kit Kat was not my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love green tea. I drink it every day at school. I have participated in Japanese tea ceremony and even started learning some of the rigorous choreographed moves with my sixth graders in Tea Ceremony Club. But Green Tea Kit Kats?

What's noticeable first of all, before you even take your first bite is that unlike the last two Kit Kat flavors I had tried this one is a wildly different color. It really is green. It's the color of wasabi, or you know, matcha green tea.

As with the Espresso Coffee Kit Kat, this one too is made from white chocolate. I assume this is to make it easier to add color but I really do prefer milk or dark chocolate so that hurt its chances with me right there. Flavor-wise, it didn't taste very Green Tea-ish. I think of matcha as being slightly bitter and this was too sweet. It left an aftertaste in your mouth that all three of us chewed on for a few moments trying to figure out if we liked it or not. The verdicts were as follows:

Nathan: Good
Erin: Gross
Me: so-so

I think I might like it more without the white chocolate. Or I could see myself eating one while sipping a cup of hot green tea instead of the Japanese sweet you traditionally get (not that I see Kit Kats popping up in tea ceremonies anytime soon.) But just picking one up in the grocery store? Probably not. As for the rest of the bag, Erin took them home as souvenirs and we devoured the remaining classic chocolate ones.

Coming soon: Fruit flavors!

souvenirs in Japanese. Usually food.


  1. I can't wait to read about the Rose flavored ones we tried... hehe.

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