Saturday, May 23, 2009

Strawberry Kit Kat

Once I started my little Kit Kat project I've had to be on the lookout for any new flavors. This means checking all three local grocery stores and nearby conbinis but also keeping an eye out when I travel. I found the Strawberry Kit Kat in a small store in Kamakura, a touristy spot near Tokyo whose main attraction is a very large statue of Buddha. We originally bought it to prevent fainting from hunger while on the Daibutsu Hiking Course. But we didn't end up eating it because there is this awesome cafe along the trail that serves pretty good curry (although most things taste good when you've just hiked up a mountain.) So we brought the Strawberry Kit Kat back to Tahara with us. But we didn't eat it there either. We finally ate it on the ferry as a mid-morning snack with coffee on our way to visit Ise-jingu. It turned out to be worth the wait.

Strawberries and chocolate is a match made in heaven, so my expectations were pretty high. It's colored pink and smells like strawberries. It too was made with white chocolate so it bordered on the almost too sweet side but it had a kick of sourness that saved it. Having it with coffee also probably helped. Maybe I need to make sure I have tea or coffee at the ready when trying any Kit Kat with white chocolate. Either way, the Strawberry Kit Kat got two thumbs up from both me and Erin.


  1. It was awesome with the coffee!!!

  2. YES!! I loved this too. Janet of Malaysia

  3. i dip these in green tea!
    they r awesome