Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soy Sauce Kit Kat - Tokyo Limited Edition

After several weeks of looking at it in my kitchen, I finally broke down and tried the Soy Sauce Kit Kat. I think this might be the most disgusting sounding Kit Kat I have tried so far. Luckily, it was not the most disgusting tasting (the Rose Kit Kat still maintains that honor.) That being said, I think I will keep my soy sauce for dipping my sushi in or pouring over my fried rice.

The Soy Sauce Kit Kat is another regional limited edition sold only in the Tokyo area or online. I bought mine online for 810 yen plus shipping. Each box comes with 12 mini Kit Kats and a little description of the area they are supposed to represent, (which I can't read because my Japanese is bad.)

Like most of the strange flavored Kit Kats this one is white chocolate. It had a very generic white chocolate smell - very sweet and with no detectable soy sauce smell. The actual soy sauce flavor was very very very slight and concentrated in the wafers. In fact, I had to take several bites to make sure I was even tasting any soy sauce. It certainly wasn't as salty as the real thing can be but I guess having a more intense soy sauce flavor might push these into the inedible category.

These are definitely a novelty flavor, and not something I would ever willingly eat again. Not that they were bad just that they were so underwhelming and bland that I would rather have something better when it comes to snack time. Some commenters have mentioned that they had a maple syrup-ish flavor to them and I can taste that, but it was just too sweet for me. If you like white chocolate then you might enjoy the little twist the soy sauce flavor adds but I won't be trying them again.

Final Score: 4


  1. I enjoyed this flavor. It reminded me of maple syrup. I'm not a fan of white chocolate, so I was surprised I liked it.

  2. I've heard from multiple people that it tastes like maple syrup, but haven't tried this before. I think the fact that you have to buy so many puts me off. ;-)

  3. Marvo - Maple syrup, huh? I will have to try it again and see if I can't taste the similarity. My problem is that I really don't like white chocolate so unless the other flavor is pretty strong I don't generally like it. The soy sauce was just too subtle for me.

    Orchid - I know what you mean. 12 is a lot! Several people on my Christmas list will be getting the leftovers from all of these bags of Kit Kats I have laying around.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Yeah I agree with Marvo, the maple syrup really shined on this one, and I was quite a fan. :)

  5. I would have thought they would have combined it with dark chocolate- sort of a bitter flavour to offset the soy sauce?

    And i have to say, thank you so much to Kelly for that link- i promptly went there and ordered a huge supply of kitkats- i can't wait for them to arrive!

  6. I find it hysterical that you are pawning off your nasty kit kats for Christmas gifts. Although what's funnier is that the recipients of those kit kats are going to LOVE it. HAHAHA!

  7. Allow me to throw my hat in the maple syrup pile. It was really fun to give them to other people and try to gross them out, though.

  8. Ok, after another taste I concede the maple syrup point, but I'm still not a huge fan. They're too sweet for me.

    And Erin you are going to LOVE your Christmas present this year! ;-)

  9. wow soy sauce, I wonder if they would come up with curry sauce or mayo?