Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sports Drink Kit Kat (or lack thereof)

I despair of ever finding a Sports Drink Kit Kat. It was released this summer while I was in the States visiting family and even though I've been searched in Toyohashi, Tokyo, and Kyoto I haven't been able to spot one. It was a joint venture with JFA Dream Asia, which promotes football in Japan, and tastes like one of the many grapefruit flavored sports drinks available here. I'm sorry I missed it but make sure to check out the review at one my favorite blogs, Japanese Snack Reviews. And also at Tasty Japan and Japanese Kat.

Since I don't have a review for you this time, instead I present you with pictures of another Kit Kat lover - my nephew. He certainly knows the value of a good chocolate bar but he does still struggle with the idea that you have to take it out of the package before you try to eat it. He's a quick learner though!


  1. I also tried it, it was very lemon-y. I'm surprised you can't find it over there. Have you tried looking in the conbini?

  2. I looked in dozens of conbinis in four different cities. :-( It's amazing that being gone for six weeks and I almost missed two Kit Kats. I only had the ume-shu soda because a friend bought it for me while I was gone. It just goes to show how quickly they change flavors here!

    I added a link to you as well! Sorry I missed you the first time round.