Monday, October 19, 2009

Miso Kit Kat - Tokkai Hokuirku Limited Edition

When I think of miso I think of miso soup. Or I think of the disgusting miso glazed fish I sometimes get in school lunch that makes my hands smell fishy and my breath bad for the rest of the day. I don't really think of Kit Kats. Until now of course with the Miso Kit Kat.

Although I should mention that miso is also used in sweets. Just not in the sweets that I am a fan of. Mochidango is sometimes covered in a thick miso glaze for instance so the jump to Kit Kat is not as strange as I first thought. But still...miso?

This is another regional limited edition from the Tokai area. The red miso or akamiso is popular in this area. When we have miso soup for school lunch it is almost always akamiso. Although that didn't really occur to me when I was making my online purchases. Almost immediately after ordering it online I had two different friends email me to tell me they had seen it in Nagoya and Toyohashi (basically not very far from where I live.) So I probably could have saved myself some shipping costs. Oh well.

This is another white chocolate Kit Kat. For 810 yen plus shipping I received a box of 12 minis. Once again on the inside panel there was a very nice description of what I can only imagine has something to do with either the Tokai region or the production of akamiso, maybe both. (I really need to bone up on the Japanese!) Each mini is 68 calories.

It had a strange smell, very sweet and kind of custardy. I'll admit to being a goof and sniffing the miso I had in the kitchen and comparing. It didn't really smell the same but I don't usually keep akamiso around (I prefer shiromiso) so that might account for the difference. As I said earlier I was thinking more miso soup than mochidango when I ate this so I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very sweet and reminded me of custard although it lacked the ending bitter note that the Custard Pudding Kit Kat had. The miso is already sweet and the combination with the white chocolate made it even more so. In the end, even with ice tea to wash it down, it was a little too sweet for me.

Final Score:5.5


  1. The box is just so pretty, why other countries can't follow thier lead i don't know!

    I recently recieved an order from Japan of the white and dark cookies and the petite strawberry ones. They were all gorgeous but the strawberry were my winners. I just wish i could get my hands on other sorts but it's very hard to find them in the UK!

  2. Interesting! It seems like Nestle often overdoes it with the sweetness. I prefer shiromiso, too, but I think I'd still want to try these because I am so curious.

    Have you tried shoyu yet?

  3. I was just looking at this online yesterday!! I wonder...I might buy it :)

    The shoyu for me was a let-down...but i guess we really can't expect it to be "authentic".

  4. Ellie - I am worried about what I'm going to do when I don't live in Japan anymore. Have you tried mail ordering things?

    ebidebby - it's especially strange since the Japanese people I know don't like very sweet things. They think American treats are way too sweet and yet some of the Kit Kat flavors are too much for me.

    Kelly - if you're curious I say go for it, but only if you aren't put off by very sweet.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I can't believe how many dang flavors of Kit Kats there are! Yay for the miso one being okay, I thought it would be so weird. You're brave, great blog!

  6. Hi Kari! There are a crazy amount and a lot more than I thought when I first started. I'm starting to realize my convenient store across the street doesn't carry all of them.

    Thanks! I like your site too. If I ever get married I totally want you to do my pics. :-D

  7. There are 19 unique Japan flavours of Kit Kat

    miso Kit Kat is not one of the weirdest

  8. I've just tried it and it's so delicious!

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